Discusión:El Fundosa Once derrota al Servigest Burgos 80-20 en la Liga española de baloncesto sobre ruedas

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I attended this game last night at Colegio San Agustin in Madrid between Fundosa ONCE and Servigest Burgos. This provides some summary. The see also provides the roster information for the ONCE team. This is Helder Selva because once again, no information for the 150 or so fans in attendance. Jorge. Juan. I had to use that site because the team's website does not have a current roster. I attended the game with Raystorm. Unlike the last game where I took about 13 pages of handwritten notes, I knew going into this game that it would be a blowout. (It is kind of disheartening as a fan but oh well.) I took about two. Hand written notes transcribed:

14/Dec/13 6:30 PM Once v Servigest Burgos

Once = Yellow Burgos = Blue

Blue start 14, 8, 5, 10, 13 Yellow 13, 9, 14, 4, 12 8 be female 13 took first shot blue 8 rebounds Blue had shot clock at 9:20 9:05 yellow scores Yellow shot missed 10 blue took 3 missed and ONCE rebounds 14 yellow score at 8:00 4:10 an blue 4 scored 9-2 21-2 end of first 7:52 and blue scored for second time 25-4 16 scored at 2:10 for blue 6 scored at 1:55 35-8 Score at end of second is 40-8 Once Leads Blue scored with 0:01 left in third 58-10 at end of 3 periods 3:35 and #10 scored for blue 73-12 Blue had huge # of missed shows and shot clock violations 1:46 6 #16 scored for blue 77-14 1:19 & 16 scored for blue 79-16 0:44 & 16 scored for blue 79-18 0:16 & 16 scored blue 80-20 80-20 final

Outside these notes, Raystorm thought 10 was terrible for Burgos. I thought 10 was doing a job staying in position on the perimeter as a point guard, but I thought he had no awareness of the shot clock. He had the ball in his hands a number of times when that shot clock whistle blew. Burgos fans for number 5 on that team were sitting behind us at the game and they would repeatedly start counting down the clock. There was a time or two where I could see a player with a ball realize what the fans were counting down and they took a shot.

Burgos had a number of really good shots. They could at times get themselves in very good positions for unchallenged shots. They didn't suck at at rebounding. They were able to execute passes. Alas, they really, really, really sucked at shooting. You cannot win the game if you cannot get the damned ball through the hoop.

Picture quality is problematic because lighting is crap. --LauraHale (talk) 11:44, 15 December 2013 (UTC)

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