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[[File:Brianmc - journalism cowboy 2011-11-23.jpg|thumb|right|130px|A [[:en:Brian McNeil|self-'portrait']]; EdinburghMe, November 2011, Edinburgh.]]<span style="font-size:150%">&nbsp;&nbsp;'''''Welcome!'''''</span>
Yes, this is '''''Wikinoticias''''' &mdash; the Spanish-language ''Wikinews''. You will find it far, far easier to get in touch with me by looking on [[:en:Brian McNeil|my English]] userpage.
I can also be contacted via the "Email this user" function in the left-side toolbox, ''or'' at my brian[dot]mcneil[at]wiknewsie[dot]org address. Please bear in mind that I'm monolingual (Scottish-English).
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'''Main contact pages: [[:en:Brian McNeil|User page]] &bull; ''[[:en:User talk:Brian McNeil|talk page]]'' &bull; [[:en:WN:WC|Water cooler]]'''.