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== Re main page ==
Hello. I have left a comment on the talk page of your main page design. There was a link to an image I wanted to post. But the abuse filter stops me. "Error: Esta acción ha sido identificada automáticamente como dañina, y por tanto ha sido deshabilitada." Could you please update the abuse filter, or make arrangements that it does not block me? I think my enwn work, and other users like Ezarate, Zerabat and Alvaro Molina would testify my edits, in general, align with the values of the project. Regards,<br>[[User:Acagastya|<span style="font-family:Helvetica; color:#000000;">acagastya</span>]]&nbsp;[[User talk:Acagastya|<span style=" font-family:Helvetica; color:#333;font-size:125%">⚽️ 🏆 🎾 🚀 🔬 👟 🎬 🎼 📰</span>]] 20:53 7 jun 2020 (UTC)